School of the Heart

A heartfelt journey into a deeper understanding of God's heart. Find out who God is and what He Made you to do during this seven month school of ministry.

2018 Syllabus

School of the Heart is broken up into segments that focus deepening your personal relationship with Jesus and then training & equipping you to minister from a place of rest in His love.

Part 1: You + God

This part focuses on strengthening your personal walk with Jesus. The three topics are Hearing God's Voice, The Father's Love and Sanctification/Healing.

Hearing God's Voice

This segment focuses on biblical keys to hearing God’s voice. Instruction and activation is used to explore practical disciplines for growing in this foundational aspect of our journey as followers of Jesus.

Experiencing the Father’s Love

The revelation of the Father’s love for His children has often been missed by the Church. During this topic, students learn a biblical approach to knowing God as Father that deepens the experience of His love.  Underlying issues that block the experience of His love are exposed and removed in a safe environment. This is a life changing module!

Inner Healing & Sanctification

This deeply impacting topic focuses on the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit. Practical teaching on healing life’s hurts and freedom from oppression will apply the basic Christian tools for repentance, forgiveness, renunciation and deliverance.

Part 2: You + God + Others

These  topics build on the first part of the school and teach students how to begin giving away what they have received. As Jesus said, "Freely you have received; freely give"!

Living In the Prophetic

A biblical and practical topic which teaches students how to regularly hear and give prophetic words. This module will also focus on the understanding of dreams and visions and provide a clear basis for New Testament prophetic ministry. 

Giving it all Away

Promoting the impacting of our environment with God’s presence as a lifestyle, this topic focuses on the importance of extending the kingdom and prepares students for a ministry trip at school’s end.

Part 3: Ministry Trip

Get outside the box! If they elect to, students will have the opportunity to go on a weekend outreach, where they will participate in a ministry event. This may include teaching and preaching, prayer and prophetic ministry and worship.

  • Travel with a team and minister at someone else’s Church
  • Experience the joy of moving in faith and using the gifts God has given you
  • Most Travel, Lodging & Meals are included



We have a solid rotation of gifted speakers from around the globe at School of the Heart. For 2018, students will hear from guest speakers David & Charmaine Hicks, Andy Glover, John MacDonald and Abner Suarez. As always, Scott & Stephanie Jones, Joshua & Sarah Slye and other in-house favorites will round out the teaching schedule. 

Pastoral Team

Our Pastoral team will be with us on Thursday nights to pray, chat and help you along in your journey.  Additionally, you can schedule to meet them for coffee or sit down and pray through issues of the heart that may arise. 


Tuition and REgistration

Below is pricing for our Knightsville, SC campus. If you are attending a Parachute School your pricing will be determined by your local leaders so get in touch with them for more details. If you have any questions, just get in touch with us. 

  • Registration for the Knighstville campus is open through August 24th.
  • If you are on a payment plan, a 10% depost is required on the first day of school, August 30th.
  • We are offering a 10% Early Pay Discount if your balance is paid in full by September 30th.
  • Alumni repeating the school pay a flat rate of $400 (ministry trip not included).